Party ICE & DRY ICE!
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(sold in approx. 10lb slab)

  • Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide.
  • The temperature of Dry Ice is -109°F or -78°C.
  • Do not allow Dry Ice to touch bare skin because it will cause
    frostbite. Always wear protective gloves.
  • Do not allow children to handle dry ice unsupervised.
  • Always store Dry Ice in well ventilated area. It will sublimate into
    Carbon Dioxide gas. If breathing becomes labored or dizziness/light
    headed feeling occurs leave the area immediately.
  • Do not store Dry Ice in an air tight container. It can cause the
    container to expand or explode.
  • Store Dry Ice in an insulated container. The better the insulation the
    slower the Dry Ice sublimates.
  • Never store Dry Ice in the freezer or refrigerator.
Our ice is made with state-of-the-art ice making equipment at Glacier’s manufacturing facilities.
A modern reverse-osmosis purification process is used to ensure high quality products, a
standard that consumers are known to enjoy.
Bale (6 of the 7lb bags)
Alhambra ice is an innovative ice product that offers
Premium bottled water.  Alhambra Premium Ice is
manufactured with Crystal Fresh Alhambra Drinking
Water using a multi-step purification process to ensure
the highest quality ice product available anywhere.

Alhambra Premium Ice is uniquely packaged in a
convenient 9 lb. bag containing 3 individually sealed
offers consumers an easy way to store Alhambra
Premium ice in home freezers and holds its purity and
freshness by only using one bag at a time.
Alhambra Premium Ice
Made with the same quality and standards of Glacier
Party Ice. Used for bulk cooling needs, the
long-lasting 10lb block always has good use for
camping or ice chests.
Block Ice
Dry Ice

Dry ice should not be put directly into punch. It breaks down into small pieces and
gets into the drinks served to people. Instead either use a tea ball to dip the dry ice
into the punch bowl or use a smaller bowl (for punch) within a larger bowl (for
water and dry ice), thus making a place to get punch to drink and one that smokes.

Put small pieces of dry ice into a kettle, bucket, or witches' cauldron; fill 1/3 full of
HOT water. Stir with witches' broom for full effect. This will use approximately 10
pounds of dry ice per hour.

Make tombstones out of cardboard and place a few in your yard. Put dry ice inside of
a flat pan and add
HOT water. Place in tombstones for a creepy effect.

Put a small piece of dry ice inside a cup of HOT water and place the cup inside of a cut
out pumpkin. Smoke will come out of the eyes, nose, and mouth.  A candle will not
stay lit in pumpkin.  Use a battery powered light.

Put dry ice into any good size plastic container filled with just a couple of inches of
HOT water. Put a small squeeze of dish detergent inside the container. This will make
large bubbles, which when popped, will give off puffs of smoke.

Use a flat pan and fill 1/3 full of HOT water. Add 3-4 small dry ice chunks every 10-15
minutes. This will use approximately 40 pounds of dry ice per hour. Dry Ice in
water will create a low-lying fog effect. The problem is keeping the water warm. You
will need to empty the cold water out every so often and add
HOT water to the
container being used.

Halloween Party Fog can be created by putting Dry Ice (1/4 lb) in an electric skillet,
crock pot or hot plate along with water. Add Dry Ice as desired making sure water
remains warm.

Pour water and dry ice into a shop vac. Point the vacuum hose in the direction you
want the smoke to go.

Napa Valley Ice recommends that you never use a glass
container for any of these recipes.
1964 IROQUOIS ST. #B Napa, CA
(Cross St. Lincoln)
7 Lb Bag
20 Lb Bag